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Horse Human Relationship


SoulBodyHorse Podcast?

At SoulBodyHorse, we believe that horses have a profound ability to heal and transform us on many levels – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This podcast explores the unique bond between horses and humans and how we can harness this connection for personal growth and two-way healing.

Hosted by Meredith Crawford, an experienced equestrian and alternative healer, SoulBodyHorse brings inspiring stories, expert advice, and practical tips for anyone who wants to deepen the relationship with their horse.


SoulBodyHorse Podcast?

We believe in the power of stories, in digging deeper, pushing further, and asking the oft-unsaid question. Here, we unpack our relationship with the soul, the body, and the horse.
Join us on a journey of healing and transformation through the magic of horses.

Listen to the insightful conversations with equestrians, alternative healers, and spiritual teachers who share their wisdom and experience in the world of horses – and beyond.

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Horse Human Partnership

Horse Gomez Gets

His Voice Heard

Meredith created the SoulBodyHorse podcast after friends encouraged her to share her experience(s) rehabbing her heart horse, Gomez, from laminitis. Through his healing process, Gomez challenged and transformed her perspective of what is possible, not just in restoring the body’s function, but also within the horse-human relationship.

The SoulBodyHorse Podcast celebrates the horse-human connection and the power of our equine friends to change our lives and understanding of “how things are.”
We look at the rational and irrational, experimental and the experienced, the science and the spiritual.